Concussion Rehabilitation

Individualized care for your concussion

SSM Health Physical Therapy provides comprehensive concussion care. A concussion can result from any impact or blow to the head, neck or body -- a soccer ball, a fall or car accident. You can also suffer a concussion if your body is jolted and your head is suddenly jarred; a direct hit to the head does not always need to occur. Our team understands that concussion symptoms and recovery time are unique to the individual. That's why we do a comprehensive exam and develop an individualized care plan to help get you back to the activities you enjoy.

therapist working with patient suffering from a concussion

How physical therapy can help

After suffering a concussion, you may have:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Light and/or noise sensitivity
  • Double and/or blurred vision
  • Difficulty thinking
  • Sensitivity to light

If you have sustained a concussion, immediate rest is the most important first step in recovery. Your doctor will determine if and when you can return to activity, school, work or athletics.

Most concussions resolve independently with many individuals reporting no symptoms after 7-10 days. If your symptoms have not resolved, it is important to know that physical therapy can help with balance, stability, focus, headaches, gait and mood. Your treatment plan will focus on reducing symptoms and determining the root cause of those symptoms.

Our team of experienced physical therapists work closely with you, your referring physician(s), coaches and/or employers on your recovery. We also have athletic trainers who closely collaborate with coaches, athletes, schools and sports teams to provide guidance on concussion rehabilitation and make referrals to appropriate care providers.

What our comprehensive program means for you

SSM Health Physical Therapy's concussion rehabilitation program consists of:

  • Vision, vestibular/balance, cervical/neck and exertion testing
  • Vision rehabilitation
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Aerobic exercise training that does not intensify symptoms
  • Balance testing and training
  • Return to play protocol - our specially trained physical therapists take athletes through this specific protocol
  • Return to work and life training
  • On-field assessment and management to properly assess and manage acute concussions
  • Education
  • Our physical therapists are trained in pediatric post-concussion rehabilitation. We are focused on getting children back to their baseline with a keen focus on return to school protocols. Our pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapists will help to achieve your child’s goals in rehabilitation.

  • A concussion during your sports season can be devastating as you wonder if you’ll be able to return to play. We are focused on incorporating sport-specific activities during rehabilitation and getting you back to your season. We progress through a return to sport protocol with your physician and incorporate a return to school program to ensure that if you’re a student-athlete, you’re able to resume life as quickly as possible.

  • If you’ve suffered a concussion while at work, your physical therapist will focus on determining the root cause of your symptoms and progress you through functional work-related activities to ensure a safe return to work.

    SSM Health Physical Therapy ensures the best care possible for those who have sustained a concussion. Our team is up-to-date on relevant state legislation along with the latest research and rehabilitative techniques for treating concussions.

Concussion Rehabilitation video
Concussion rehabilitation
The SSM Health Physical Therapy team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation at a pace appropriate for the patient. This allows us to identify specific deficits unique to post-concussion syndrome and associated issues of ocular dysfunction, headache, muscular pain and balance dysfunctions.

In Need of Concussion Rehabilitation?