Amputee Program

Pre-prosthetic and prosthetic training program

If you are recovering from a lower- or upper-extremity amputation, SSM Health Day Institute is here for you. Our program uses a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on building skills and maximizing independence in prosthetic use with mobility and daily activities at home, work and in the community.

Treatment tailored to individual needs

If you are ready to begin pre-prosthetic or prosthetic training, SSM Health Day Institute's amputee program will prepare you for life ahead. Treatment focuses on:

  • Mobility and self-care
  • Residual limb care
  • Prosthetic management
  • Community reintegration skills
  • Interpersonal/psychological challenges
  • Vocational guidance
  • Education about skin care, nutrition and wellness issues

Our rehabilitation team will work closely with you, your physician and prosthetist to establish realistic goals and provide treatment, tools and training to optimize recovery. Our specialized therapists are trained in the use of the latest technology including:

  • Ottobock C-Leg® and Genium®
  • Freedom Plié®
  • Ossur® RHEO KNEE®
  • Microprocessor foot technology
  • Myoelectric upper-extremity devices

SSM Health Day Institute offers flexible day schedules to meet the needs of our patients and their families.

Day Institute Amputee Program video
Amputee program
SSM Health Day Institute offers a highly specialized outpatient rehabilitation program for individuals recovering from a lower-extremity or upper-extremity amputation.