Golf Performance

  • More than 25 million Americans play golf, a sport that is surprisingly demanding on a player’s body. In fact, over one-half of golfers will sustain some type of golf-related injury during their playing days. That number increases among players over the age of 50. 

    The most common injury associated with golf is lower back pain, often due to the demands put on our spine during the swing. Other problem areas can include “golfer’s elbow,” shoulder pain, wrist tendinitis, and knee pain.  All of these injuries can be treated with physical therapy at any of our SSM Health Physical Therapy outpatient locations. 

    Our Golf Performance Program at SSM Health Physical Therapy can take the rehabilitation program one step further, providing an individualized exercise program to prevent further injury, as well as enhance the golfer’s performance on the course. 

    The program includes a comprehensive anatomical analysis, which evaluates the golfer’s flexibility, strength, golf posture, and swing golf mechanics. The golfer is then instructed in an individualized golf exercise program to work on their limitations specific to the golf swing, with the goal of improving performance and preventing injury.

    This specialized program is performed by physical therapists whom understand the golf swing mechanics and can provide valuable insight into each golfer’s deficits and needs for fitness.