Cognitive Program

Restoring the mind

The cognitive program at SSM Health Day Institute focuses on regaining cognitive skills such as perception, memory, judgement and reasoning, restoring physical strength and emotional well-being and maximizing independence in home, community and employment settings. If you or a loved one have experienced a traumatic brain injury, stroke, acquired brain injury or neurological disease, our program helps you or your loved one return to prior level of function.

Group and individual treatment sessions are provided by speech-language pathologists and physical, occupational and recreation therapists who use an evidenced-based approach to promote cognitive improvements. Group sessions target various levels of cognitive impairment in order to gain greater understanding of the challenges associated with an individual’s brain injury, develop a support network and provide opportunities to mentor others. They address reasoning skills, generalization of learning and executive functions.

The cognitive program also offers specialized group sessions that focus on goal setting, problem-solving, memory, strategy development and personal adjustment to overcome deficits.

The cognitive program focuses on:

  • Independence in daily activities including money management, medication management, household organization and return to community, employment or school.
  • Assessments and treatments that target cognitive abilities required for return to driving.
  • Behavior management, social skills training, improvement of insight and awareness.