Workers' Compensation

Committed to keeping your workforce healthy and on the job

Physical and occupational therapy are a growing expense in managing workers' compensation claims. If therapy is a solution to returning the injured employee to work, it can provide significant value to all parties. However, if therapy fails to produce functional gains and improved employability, it can delay other necessary medical or administrative interventions. The result - the added costs fail to provide value to all involved.

SSM Health Physical Therapy's WorkStrategies® Program partners with employers and payers to provide value through the right treatment, at the right time, every time. To do this, we have developed a system that measures treatment success based on:

We consider all stakeholders in the workers' compensation system as partners in the rehabilitation of injured employees. We highly value communication with and accountability by stakeholders at all levels, from patient to payer, as a key to our success.

Our WorkStrategies® specialists are extensively-trained and remain ahead of current trends in the prevention and functional treatment of America's workforce.

We are committed to "Keeping America on the Job!" and look forward to partnering on your employees' health and well-being. For more information, please contact us today at [email protected] or 800-518-1626.