Movement Screens

Identifying movement patterns and preventing injuries

Athletes depend on strength, flexibility and mobility to perform at their best. A breakdown in an athlete's movement patterns can lead to injury. Our sports physical therapy and athletic training experts at SSM Health Physical Therapy are committed to helping you identify poor movement patterns and prevent injury with a movement screen and biomechanical analysis.

Movement screen and biomechanical analysis

A movement screen identifies fundamental and functional movement patterns and the mobility or stability deficits of those patterns. We also assess biomechanics - or gait and motion - and test your strength and flexibility. The biomechanical analysis identifies faulty movement patterns that impact your risk of injury and overall performance.

What to expect

Your physical therapist or athletic trainer will listen as you detail your specific sport or activity to learn how your movement patterns may be impacting performance. We use cutting-edge technology to provide an industry standard screening

  • dorsaVi™ Movement Suite and ViPerform™ Athletic Movement Index™: wearable sensors are placed on the athlete to measure motion, acceleration and muscle activity on different parts of the body
  • K-Motion: a wearable feedback system for golfers or baseball/softball hitters that immediately details areas of improvement for movement patterns
  • Motus compression sleeve: equipped with sensors that measure the torque on the arm when throwing
  • OnBase University screen has the ability to link inefficiencies in the kinematic sequence (speed of the rotation of the hip, shoulder and mid-hands) to limitations in the body for the pitcher
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen is composed of 16 assessments that can help your therapist or athletic trainer diagnose movement limitations that may be affecting your golf swing

Using the applicable technology, our physical therapists or athletic trainers will run through a variety of exercises to objectively assess your strength, balance, running technique, knee and hamstring movement and core function. You will receive a detailed report and video analysis that identifies your specific movement patterns.

Based on the screening reports, your physical therapist or athletic trainer will develop a customized exercise program detailing corrective changes specific to your needs and goals.

Our goal is to utilize sports science, clinical application and technology to decrease your risk of injury, improve performance or reduce pain and enhance recovery should an injury occur.

dorsaVi technology video
dorsaVi technology 
Nothing is more devastating to an athlete than missing part, if not all, of the athletic season due to an injury. Not only can SSM Health Physical Therapy help an athlete return safely to their sport, we can help prevent the injury from occurring in the first place.