Dance and Flexible Sports

  • It is no secret that athletes can be injured, but dancers are a special type of athlete because their sport requires a balance of flexibility and strength that other sports do not. This is an important factor that needs to be considered when rehabbing from injuries.

    The “flexible sports” category, such as dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading and figure skating can lead to injuries such as:

    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Patellar
    • tendonitis/ Jumper’s knee
    • Trochanteric
    • bursitis
    • Stress
    • fractures
    • Plantar
    • fasciitis

    How Physical Therapy Can Help? 

    Physical Therapy (PT) can help with common dance injuries by restoring strength and flexibility to involved regions in order to reduce irritation and improve stability.  Therapists use manual hands-on techniques to decrease pain and restore mobility to allow the flexible athlete to move into the extreme ranges required.  Therapy also works on core strength and proprioception of the joints in order to return to pain-free performance and reduce the risk of re-injury.

    A dancer’s sense of body awareness is key to success and, thus, a trained physical therapist can help to identify possible problematic areas that could lead to injury.  PTs can also help to re-train the dancer’s body to understand how to move in order to reduce the risk of injury.

    Why Choose SSM Health Physical Therapy?  

    SSM Health has a Flexible Sports Team with therapists located throughout the St. Louis area. These therapists have been specially trained in evaluating and treating the specific needs of the hyper-flexible athlete.
    Use our Location Search to find a SSM Health Physical Therapy location near you providing services for Dance and Flexible Sports.