Customized Return-to-Work

  • Our Return-to-Work Programs are designed to provide job-related and injury-specific therapeutic interventions to create customized and cost-effective approaches to the treatment of work-related injuries.

    Program features include:

    • Early intervention strategies and ease of access through our Care Management Office (CMO)
    • Customized clinical strategies that are aggressive, functionally-oriented and scientifically-based to facilitate early return to work
    • Partnership approach for injured workers, healthcare team members and employers
    • Job simulation models for clinical advancement and early return to work
    • Ongoing utilization/patient management

    A full product offering with seamless delivery of services may include:

    • Acute/sub-acute physical and occupational therapy
    • Work conditioning/physical re-conditioning
    • Comprehensive testing services such as Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) and Functional Baseline testing
    • Job site analysis

    SSM Health Physical Therapy provides this service in all locations.