Parkinson's Rehabilitation Program - LSVT

  • SSM Health Day Institute offers a specialized program for Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions that implements LSVT in order to improve physical function, speech production and voicing. LSVT consists of 4 weeks of intensive therapy with the addition of daily homework practice and daily carryover exercises. Goals for treatment include life-long carryover of improved communication and gross motor movement when walking and completing daily tasks in home and community settings. This program is beneficial for every stage of progression of Parkinson’s Disease from new diagnosis to many years post.

    • Treatment is provided by licensed therapists that are certified in LSVT
    • LSVT Treatment focuses on high intensity voice and physical exercises to improve speech volume, speech intelligibility, ambulation and completion of activities of daily living.
    • Treatment is provided over 4 consecutive days per week for 4 weeks with opportunities to utilize newly learned skills within the Day Institute program and community outings.