Neurological Rehabilitation Program

  • The Neurological Rehabilitation Program is designed for individuals who have experienced a brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke or debilitating neurological injury. Treatment focuses on maximizing a person’s mobility, self-care, cognitive & communicative abilities at home, work, & in the community. Individuals participate in daily physical, occupational, & speech therapy sessions, as indicated by their specific needs. In addition, therapeutic recreation incorporates individual therapy goals into leisure & community reintegration activities to maximize recovery. Home evaluations, vocational resources, caregiver training, & school/work re-entry assistance are available.

    The Neurological Rehabilitation Program focuses on:

    • Pre-Driving Skills
    • Return to work skills
    • Community reintegration skills
    • Independence with medication & finance management
    • Visual therapy to address visual deficits
    • Cognitive skills development including: memory, reasoning, problem solving & sequencing
    • Gait, balance, & transfer training with progression to least restrictive device
    • Vestibular Rehabilitation/Fall Prevention
    • Comprehension & Expressive language training to improve communication
    • Swallowing & voice treatment following neurological injury
    • Family training of compensatory strategies to utilize in the home
    • Upper & lower extremity strengthening & neuromuscular education