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  • Founded by the Sisters of Saint Mary in 1900, the hospital - originally known as Mount Saint Rose Throat and Chest Hospital, provided specialized care for people suffering from tuberculosis. It was here that the world's first collapsed lung therapy was administered in 1914. This revolutionary technique of introducing air into the chest cavity to deflate a diseased lung and provide it with the rest needed for recovery was a major breakthrough in arresting the disease process of tuberculosis.

    Through the years, the hospital expanded its programs and services to meet the changing needs of patients in the greater St. Louis community. Specialized physical therapy services were incorporated by the mid-60s and in 1972, a dedicated Rehabilitation Center was opened at the hospital.

    In 1980, the name of the facility was changed to Saint Mary on the Mount Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, reflecting its greatly expanded capacity for modern, comprehensive medical rehabilitation.

    Just six years later, the hospital became known as SSM Health Rehabilitation Institute, and subsequently, SSM Health Rehab, which provided inpatient rehabilitation services at two locations: SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - St. Louis, and SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital - St. Charles.

    In 1991, the hospital's first free-standing outpatient facility in Hazelwood, and by 2008, offered outpatient services at more than 17 locations in the greater St. Louis area. During this same time period, SSM Health Rehab Day Institute, a unique program designed for individuals who do not require inpatient care, but who would benefit from an intensive day program was created.

    As the need for services continued to grow, SSM Health Work Health was launched in 2006 to provide occupational medicine services. In addition, Homeward Bound, a skilled nursing facility-based rehabilitation program, was established at several locations in the area.

    In 2009, SSM Health, the parent organization of SSM Health Rehab, and Select Medical, a leading provider of specialized health care, joined together to enhance the delivery of quality rehabilitation services in the greater St. Louis area. Through this partnership, the inpatient rehabilitation became known as SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital.

    Also, as part of this partnership, the more than 30 SSM Rehab and Select Physical Therapy outpatient centers in the region joined together to operate as SSM Physical Therapy.

    Today, SSM Health Rehabilitation Network offers a full continuum of rehabilitation services -- acute inpatient rehabilitation, comprehensive outpatient programs at our SSM Health Physical Therapy Centers; the multi-disciplinary SSM Health Day Institute; SSM Health Homeward Bound, specialized rehabilitation programs for skilled nursing and long-term care facilities; occupational medicine services through SSM Health Work Health; and SSM Health at Home therapy services.

    With the scope of programs and services available, SSM Health Rehabilitation Network effectively meets the individual needs and rehabilitation goals of every patient.